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Mourn the Lost, Help the Living

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Mourn the Lost, Help the Living

Post  Xhan Moulder on Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:38 am

Xhan had run all the way through the forest to reach the headquarters, having come from the waterfall. He supposed he could have turned into an bird or something- that would have been faster. But his two primary forms were that of fairy and human since he could speak that way and it was instinctive to use one of the two. However, upon reaching the headquarters, he turned into a fairy to fly up to the room that Emily and her friends shared.

When he landed in the room, Xhan's eyes immediately fell upon Ash. He had come to get him out of here and to the waterfall, but he found himself asking something else before requesting help on getting him outside. "How is he?" He asked the other fairies in the room.
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